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Where it all beganEveryone asks, “How did you get into CrossFit?” My sister, Cindy, found CrossFit and introduced me to it by inviting me to go watch one of the West Regionals held in Richmond, BC. Since we both grew up doing gymnastics, she thought I would definitely be intrigued by CrossFit, she was right! I started my fundamentals my birthday of that year, unfortunately, I did not fully stick to it – was going on and off due to other life “priorities” (or what I thought were such at that time).

Fast forward to mid-October 2014 when I stepped into a CrossFit gym here in Edmonton, that was a piece to my new beginning in my life’s chapter! I did some research prior to stepping into this gym, their background at Regional’s, and boy was I impressed on my first drop-in – I am pretty sure I signed up for my membership the next day! I attended the group classes, but it wasn’t until right before the 2016 CrossFit Open season when I made the decision to hire a Coach to do my personal programming. I made it my goal to make the 2017 CrossFit Regional Team for our gym, and from there I did what I thought I needed to in order to obtain my goal. I felt something was missing, which was my nutrition piece. I hadn’t ever buckled down to make any drastic changes before, but this time was different – this time I wanted to see changes. I hired a nutrition coach and we started working together in August 2016. Going into the 2017 CrossFit Open season, I felt ready.. I felt this was it.

Competing through the Open, to then competing within our gym during the ‘Combine Qualifiers’, to then finally being selected to represent our team at the 2017 CrossFit West Regionals. The experience is definitely something I would never take back, no matter how stressful it was! That feeling right before walking onto the competition floor at Regionals is something that I would never trade, it was a wave that took over my body, I had goosebumps, I was emotional, my heart raced and I wanted to jump around in excitement and joy.

Never did I think I would make it to Regionals, and now that I have, it has fed my drive that much more.

With that feeling I had, I want to help others feel that with their goals, no matter how big or small. Helping someone see and reach their full potential is one of the most amazing feelings I could ever feel (could even say it is more than reaching my own…).

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