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“I was having trouble keeping up my energy as I went about my various sporting activities throughout the week.  It was at this point I reached out to Bonnie who was able to customize a food plan that ensured I was taking in the right foods at the right time.  Once I realized what my body needed in terms of food, I have been able to increase my outputs and generally feel better throughout the day.  If you are looking for someone who lives what she provides Bonnie would be a great starting point.”


“I have worked with Bonnie of Empower Life for just over a year and cannot thank her enough for helping me to achieve my goals. This past year, Bonnie provided me with inspiration, education and support, primarily with regards to my daily nutrition habits but also in other areas like sleep hygiene and stress management.

I still remember the first week when she recommended I increase my daily caloric intake, eating more and eating more frequently.  I was nervous but open to trying anything after having a year of slowly increasing weight, frequent stomach issues, fatigue and sub-optimal performance at the gym.  I felt so good that first week with no stomach issues at all, immediate weight loss of a few pounds and improved sleep, I was keen to learn more.

Since working with Bonnie, my results have been amazing. I have not only achieved my goal weight (lost 13 lbs), I have maintained that for over 6 months now. I have had many new PR’s at the gym (through a combination of nutrition coaching with Bonnie  and the excellent coaching and programming at our local gym, Forge Valley Fitness). My previous stomach issues have been eliminate, I’ve improved my sleep quality and overall energy levels.

Bonnie has helped me develop strong, healthy habits and I am confident to continue these habits on my own.

Bonnie really takes the time to listen to you and provides sound, evidence based advice that lasts for a lifetime.  She is inspiring, motivating and passionate about helping you achieve your goals in a way that fits with your lifestyle, preferences and needs.

I highly recommend Bonnie to anyone looking to improve their nutrition for whatever the reason – you will not be disappointed!
Thanks again Bonnie!!”

– Jo

“My experience with Bonnie was great! I had requested some help with my nutrition as I was training and competing in CrossFit and knew I was not eating the right foods and not eating enough food. After returning from the CrossFit Regionals it became clear that I needed some guidance as everyday my energy levels were very inconsistent which was hurting my training. Bonnie provided me with meal plans for 3 weeks and was always available for any questions or concerns I had. She has also continued to check in with my progress over the last year. I would highly recommend Bonnie”

– Kyle